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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Is a 450 even powerful enough to use for 3D and Physx (while being the main renderer)........ These features you list are mainly enthusiast grade options that are likely going to be run with more powerful cards.

I know the 450 was more a replacement for the 250 and not exactly after the 5770's spot, but considering how long the 5770 has been out, it would have been nice to see slightly better performance. It's still a really nice card and one that could definitely be suggested over the 5770 due to superior multi-GPU support. It might come out looking a lot better in an SLI review (any out there?).
I can't comment on performance yet.

However, I would speculate that based on those Tweak benchies that 3d Vision with older games at 16X10 would be possible. You've got to remember that that value of 3d Vision isn't all playing new games, it's great for replaying old favorites and seeing them in a whole new light. Some of my favorite 3d Vision games are the older Unreal games like Unreal 2 or UT2004.

As far as PhysX goes, I honestly don't know. I don't see these cards primary role as PhysX powerhouses, but what about as a future dedicated PhysX card if your fortunes improve? Or how about two of these as a primary and then an old 8800 as a a dedicated PhysX in your third PCIE slot?

The above are options an ATi gamer will never see.
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