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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Thats a rather sad list considering the card we are talking about, but I'll bite:

#1: All the sites you selectively went through and picked out are using the wrong drivers/app profile, indeed, HardOCP has a retraction of its review as I recall. With the right driver/app profile crossfire scaling is actually slightly better. You can read about it at B3D. This point is moot really because for the $260 you spend on SLI 450s you could have bought a nice overclocking 460 or better yet a 5850 for $254, on newegg.

#2: No one who paid $1900 for Adobe CS buys a $129 non-professionial video card to develop with.

#3: Being that ATI Stream and CTM existed long before CUDA and had apps before NV could run anything GPGPU, I'd guess they have similar amounts of apps, indeed, some people have apps running fine on ATI that they can't get to work very well on NV chips. I'm sure the opposite is true in some cases, but the point is both work fine and have a ton of apps, which probably 95% of the market doesn't care about anyway.

#4: You can't run MafiaII in 3D on a GTS450 either, unless you like slideshows.

#5: Meh. NV spent time and money to get AA working in one game, while excluding the competition, Intel tactics, while they make cartoons about how mean Intel is with thier tactics. /shrug

#6: See number 4, you can't run physx and get good framerates with a GTS450 in anything.

ATI costs less because they have a better, more efficent design. They nearly match NV current high end with almost half the power and half the die area. Hence they can make them cheaper.
#1 B3D? You mean the site the guy that was rewarded with a job at ATi used to own? Where all his old ATi lovin' buddies still hang? No thanks- have any sites with no connection to ATi?
Great value at $260 - easily beats Radeon 5850
Outperforms Radeon 5870 in many games
Errrr.....I guess my "hunch" was right and NVIDIA just p3wnd ATi again.

#2 You speak for everyone now?

#3 Heh- Stream is a joke. I've seen many posts by developers who say it's barely usable. ATi's GPGPU program is years behind NVIDIA's.

#4 The question is "Can you run Mafia@ in 3d Vision on two 450s?" and I bet you can. Probably w/o AA, but 16X10 should be doable.
Combining two GeForce GTS 450's into SLI allowed this game to play at 5760 x 1080 resolution across three monitors using upper-level settings to deliver a thoroughly impressive experience.
#5 No matter what you think of it, NVIDIA goes the extra mile to bring their customers better gaming experiences.

#6 Like I said, I bet you can run PhysX with 450 SLi, and for sure with an additional dedicated card.
Surprisingly, there is very little impact on FPS performance with APEX PhysX enabled on GeForce video cards, and very little penalty for changing from medium (normal) to high settings.
Like most ATi fans, you seem to care a lot about how much ATi's second place GPU designs cost ATi. Good for you, ATi needs money!

EDIT: Benchmark Reviews was kind enough to post their review of the 450 and 450 SLi, so I've added the answers to some of your questions NP. I'm still under NDA till tomorrow, but I'll post a few benches then.
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