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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Rollo- as a budget gamer none of the features you mentioned are appealing to me.

3D means nothing.

CUDA and GPGPU means nothing.

SLi and CrossFire alike mean nothing.

All I want as much performance I can get, per watt, with very little power consumption and equally little heat output. Not a single card from nV's lineup offer this... save for the GTX460. But it's price is a real deterrent, which is why I went with the 5770.

I'm not at my trailer now, so I cannot bench the card. I'm visiting my folks. But when I get back I'll be glad to run the card through paces and compare it to this GTS450. Stock 5770 vs stock GTS450. Fair enough I'd say.

BTW, after rebate, my 5770 only cost me $129.99. W/ free shipping.
Remember we're talking about launch day pricing Redeemed, the 5770 didn't cost $130 at launch.

Actually, it looks like the 5770 only costs $130 now because the 450 does.

These cards are a better buy than the 5770s because they give you the OPTION to use those features at a lower price point than ever before.
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