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Default Re: Is Debian any good

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
The package manager and packages are very easy to use and are definitely user friendly (especially when using synaptic).

However, the part that is not user friendly is the fact that the OS installs with a very minimalist set of features, and requires you to install most of your own packages. Ubuntu comes default with many of the features that people already use, so only extra packages are really required.

I love Debian, the only reason I swung towards ubuntu at all was saving time getting media apps etc set up.

Drol, you won't have an issue with it Bro. Just be aware, as Vin said, that it installs minimal packages and the rest is up to you. When using it, I always went with Debian Sid. Although it's labeled "unstable" it's anything but. The debian team's put everything through super rigorous testing, so their releases are generally far and fewer between than the more user friendly mainstream distros like the 'buntus.

Me bets you would enjoy learning it, although coming from Ubuntu, much will already be super familiar to you.
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