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Kyle's ignorance shines through again.

He obviously doesn't understand what a compiler is or how it should work.

Nor has he taken the time to investigate why NVIDIA's scores dropped and ATI's didn't, and what changes the 340 patch brought over the 330 patch(I'll clue you in Kyle. NVIDIA PR was truthful, the shaders were being detected and replaced by the "compiler." Ask yourself why scores dropped, because there is no way Futuremark can turn off the Unified Shading Compiler in its true form!)

NVIDIA lost 15% in GT2, 10% in GT1 and 30% in GT4. Interesting how they glossed over GT4's drops, as I would think those are the most damning.

Well, at least I have to give Kyle some credit. He hasn't started using any other synthetic benchmarks. So at least his stance of all synthetics are worthless hasn't contradicted itself.
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