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Default Re: Blackberry vs Droid, advantage difference?

Just got back from the AT&T store where the guy let me play around with a Samsung Captivate for a good chunk of time.

Having never used a touch screen before I found it very overly sensitive. Barely have to get near the screen surface before it registers a tap input. Sale guy claims its all adjustable but when I asked him to show me how he was unable to find and prove to me the touch(not slide) mechanics could be altered.

It was fast for all the stock apps but so is my BB. It took time to load 3rd party games/apps but so does my BB. Data transfer for Google searches and GPS took about the same time as my BB. CPU power is definitely present in the Sammy, no slow downs navigating the apps, whereas my BB will often chug or bring up the hour glass symbol.

Sammy large screen was very nice giving more area views on maps and lists but didn't look crisp nor easily readable as my BB. Might of been a contrast/brightness setting thing or something. <shrug>

I found screen hunt and pecking around with my finger a bit tiresome after a little while. Much more movement and energy was needed than the quick, small thumb movement the touch pad on my BB requires. I felt very animated navigating and using the Sammy.

The droid gave me same feeling as new Windows OS's do - bloated and needs extra horsepower to force through it all but works very slick when the heavy requirements are met.

Though less featured and more simplistic, my BB is highly efficient, doing things well most of the time. I certainly see the great appeal for the droids now but there is also something to be said about how non-dumbed down the BB feels and works.

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