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Originally posted by sxotty
HB if you have an issue with optimizing for the benchmark I can see it, but according to you, one cannot see it in motion which begs a few questions

1) If games have the same sort of optimization, and one cannot see it in motion then ATI/Nv should both do whatever it is, it will only allow more features to be shown in the game.

2) Why would anyone care if a game screenshot did not look identical if you could not tell in motion?

3) Whoever that was at r3d, you should tell them to include a reference image with the comparison, otherwise it is meaningless.
That pic was just one example.. btw.. There are others.

The point is that you Dont Optomize for a benchmark like 3dmark03 becuase its supposed to show the baseline performance capable without 6 months of Tweaks. For instance if you bought Max Payne 2 today you will be suffereing from performance issues. Tweaks to the Driver for performance 6 months from now dont do you any good at all.

This is why straight D3D optomization and Performance is the best policy and showing what that is in an accurate way is the best policy. Nvidia is not going to Target every single game out there for these kinds of specific tweaks. Likely Only the ones used for Benchmarks, or the top 10 games of the year etc. What about all the other games out there?
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