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Default Re: Problems getting GeForce 8700GT to work under linux

For the previous post, I think I know whats going on.. I need to patch the driver 185.18.36 because I use a newer kernel (

some threads on pointed out that since 185.XX series, the SLI has not been working properly on the dell xpsm1730 with more recent drivers... SO I downloaded driver 190.53 and patched it successfully then installed it.

Some of my comments:

-Better overall performance (window dragging, moving, scrolling, pictures, etc)
-Seems to have improved responsiveness
-Still no SLI!! I suppose I am using 190.53 and thats > 185.XX so as I explained before, it wouldnt work... anybody know where I could get the patch for 185.18.36? As far as I remember, in slack 12.2 this was the driver that worked for SLI... that kinda fits what I read on

If the SLI does not work with 185.XX, I will have to call a voodoo priest...
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