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To start with the accusation that all 3dmark did is disable Nvidias "optimizer" is a flat out LIE. If Kyle had the least bit of an understanding about how Applications, D3D, Drivers, and Hardware work together he would be spending his time pointing out what a damn lier Nvidia is again instead of how evil 3Dmark03 is.

The Application talks to D3D not the hardware or Drivers. Then D3D makes its requests to the GPU where it talks to the Drivers which in Turn talks to the Hardware. The "Optimizer" (which is a damn lie to start with) takes place at the Driver level. When Nvidia is using application detection they are simply setting up certain conditions so that When certain Requests are made they are expecting it and can replace it at the driver level with what they want.

This is not and never has been a "Dynamic Shader Optimizer". That is a complete load of PR Crap. It is just a Term that they use to cover up what they are really doing. Which is the same thing they have been doing. Replacing game and Benchmark code as they see Fit. Simply to make their hardware work. In fact Futuremark responded to the accusation yesterday. Apparently Kyle either did not read it or did not understand it.

Here is another Case where Kyle does not even understand the fundamentals enough to know what’s going on. I used to think kyle was a Biased Nvidiot. What I have come to realize is its simply a case of him not having a Clue and going with whoever’s PR sounds the best to him. Which usually ends up being Nvidia because lets face it.. They are good. So Good in fact that nearly everyone has bought into and believes their "Shader optimizer" Crap. Yet again Blaming 3mdark03 as the evil does when they are simply Trying to make everyone play fair. Something Nvidia can not do.

1. There are IQ differences even if they are hidden fairly well. They are Still there. Thus it is NOT Mathematically Equivalent.

2. The point is that this test is supposed to be a true measure of baseline performance. That will demonstrate what you can expect from the card without 6 months of carefully planned and executed "optimizations".

3. For some unknown reason Kyle does not seem to understand that 3Dmark03 is simply using BASIC D3D. It has nothing in there that favors ATi or Nvidia. Yet he keeps insinuating that off of nothing more than Something Nvidia is telling him. They are Telling him whatever they have to to cover up or make excuses for what they are doing.

People seem to forget that new games like Max Payne 2 are performing badly on Nvidias hardware. Why? because they did not include it in their 6 month "optimization" session. This is why you need 3dmark03 and honest results. Nvidia is simply not going to be able to "optimize" for every single game that comes out. Its impossible. When they do "optimize" it will not appear until 3-6 months later whenever they release their next driver.

The only exceptions to this will be when they hand program the game for the developer like in the case of STALKER.

Kyle Why dont you do the Right thing for ONCE In your careeer. Talk to all parties involved. Hear what everyone has to say and then write an Informed editorial based on the Truth and not Nvidias lying PR.
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