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People seem to forget that new games like Max Payne 2 are performing badly on Nvidias hardware. Why? because they did not include it in their 6 month "optimization" session
HB, I agree with some of what you are saying but have to question the above:
I have a 5900 and a 9800 and yes the 9800 runs Max Payne and my other games very well. I run all my games at 1280x960 4xAA/8xAF. I had to put the 5900 back in to get Call of Duty running and have since continued playing Max Payne and haven't changed any settings. I run it with the console enabled to get FPS showing and haven't noticed a big diff. I don't have and exact numbers but both cards run it at the above settings at 60 FPS or better.
Anyway, if you're talking IQ, I'm not sitting here while playing the game and other games that I play saying "...s**t, that looks crappy compared to my 9800.." and so on. Yes I know that comparing individual frames will show better AA for the 9800 but I'm talking game experience. And no I'm not saying that it doesn't count if you can't see it, just that the difference is not enough to ruin the game for me.
I suppose you could say it's just me-I wonder if others a have run both cards recently and saw a noticeable difference, ie something that makes you say "WTF, I can't play this game like this.."?

My $0.02

Mike G
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