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Default Re: Still get vdpau tearing. No composite, 256.53 driver

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had already set all the possible sync settings in both Nvidia-Settings and xbmc. As I said above, I also get tearing in mplayer using vdpau.

I don't believe that sync settings in applications can have any effect one way or the other on vdpau tearing. The decoding of the video stream and the presentation is all done by the GPU. Therefore the Nvidia driver and the Nvidia graphics card control whether there is tearing or not when displaying videos via vdpau.

You know, I think it is a bandwidth problem on the GPU. Maybe I need a faster GPU. The reason I say this is that the tearing seemed to be less noticeable after I upgraded to the 256.53 driver. I think this is because it is tearing less with the new driver and I'm guessing that it is now only tearing when the screen is very busy (a lot of information on the screen that is changing rapidly) so the GPU gets bogged down in decoding.

Also, I've only noticed tearing on 1920x1080 video. I haven't seen it on 1440x1080 video which is another indication it is a bandwidth problem. I bought this 8400 card specifically to use vdpau. I would be sad if it doesn't work. I certainly don't want to keep buying Nvidia cards hoping to find one that can display 1920x1080 video via vdpau without tearing.
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