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Installed my SSD yesterday, but I had a hell of a time installing Windows with AHCI enabled.

Initially I disconnected all other drives except the SSD. But with AHCI enabled in the BIOS I got "Windows cannot be installed onto this Disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the Computer's BIOS menu" in the Windows installer. So I decided to switch to IDE mode and install, and that worked fine. But AHCI is pretty important for SSDs, so I tried the Windows 7 registry hack to enable the AHCI service and enabled AHCI in the bios. This ended up with boot errors.

Through a lot of trial and error, hair pulling, and screaming, four hours later I figured out what the cause of the problem was and how to work around it. Apparently the Intel Sata controller on my EVGA E758 motherboard has incompatibilities with the SSD's JMicron controller. So in IDE mode I booted into the SSD and moved the bootmgr to a mechanical drive that I hooked up. I then moved the SSD to the secondary JMicron sata controller on the motherboard and it worked like a charm.

Basically the system was not going to boot or the ssd was not going to be recognized in windows (if I was not booting from it) no matter what as long as it was in AHCI and the SSD was hooked up to the Intel sata ports. I hope a firmware update solves this incompatibility in the future but there's nothing on Western Digital's site for the drives as of now.

BUT even though there was much suffering involved I am very impressed with this drive even if it isn't as good as an Intel SSD. It's a huge improvement over my 7200 rpm drive. Windows updates installed in a flash and the system boots instantly. I was thinking the faster speeds would hardly be noticeable, but I was very wrong. Huge difference. Also my main goal of having a quiet boot drive was successful. No more thrashing sounds when booting up or installing updates.
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