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Default Re: Official Dark Void (PC) Feedback Thread

I thought there was a bit too much flying, but I enjoyed the game overall. I think it was a mistake to open with the flying because the controls were difficult to adjust to and the frustration almost caused me to quit. Even in the last stages I was still having problems, especially while defending the Ark as it went through the ravine. I think it would have been better to start on the ground with what's her face and gradually bring the player in with simpler flying tasks and then battles with fewer enemies. I thought the story was a bit off. Maybe I missed a few conversations or something, but I didn't really understand what was going on... Something about the Bermuda Triangle, invading alien forces trying to establish themselves in places of power by posing as humans, Tesla, and a portal. The voice acting was good, but the graphics on the cutscenes didn't seem as good as they could have been.

There were a few bugs, but the worst was when I was supposed to escort some prisoners to a transport and fight off 3 knights. The first time I died and when I restarted from the checkpoint everyone just wandered around with no enemies in sight. The only way I could get past that spot was to restart the level, but for whatever reason the game wouldn't autosave so I had to complete the whole thing from start to finish in one session and I had a few interruptions where I needed to quit. That's a tough spot to play through 3 times...

The most difficult part for me was fighting off the Archons that surrounded the Ark as you were about to leave. I had to lower the difficulty after 5 or 6 attempts.

Not one of my favorites, but I'll definitely play it again.
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