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Default Re: which Android apps to get?

I've checked out a ton of the free apps, and these are the ones I find to be the best of the best, and the most visually appealing since thats important to me. Droid 1.

TeslaLED flashlight, best flashlight and widget
USA Today, slickest/prettiest news app available with dedicated update staff
Note Everything, best note/word app I've found with nice widget
Ultra Note, another good one
Mobisle Notes, good for shorter notes, looks prettier
Weatherbug, better radar maps and widget than weather channel app
Android System Info, best sys info app, nice icon
Photoshop Express, for basic photo edits
Voice Recorder, works like a typical voice recording device
New Scientist news app, awesome science/tech news and pics
Ultimate Stopwatch, the coolest looking stopwatch
Smart compass, best compass I've found
Advanced Ruler, measure stuff in a pinch
Curvefish Brightness widget, my favorite and I tried most brightness widgets, quite handy and looks nice
Wisdom Quotes, awesome quotes by awesome people
Google Sky Map, ID's the stars/planets you point the phone at
Tin Hat, protects phone from block op government monitoring or influence
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