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Originally Posted by resoli View Post
Oh, my be I have not understand well, but my mplayer problems (compiled from trunk) are related to interlaced content, so I'm incline to think to a deinterlacing issue.
Bye the way, the "slow motion" effect is there even without deint= parameter.
The - often reported - "slow motion" effect on PAFF H264 videos was finally truly fixed in MPlayer svn: It should work fine now with both the native ts demuxer (default, more reliable seeking) and the lavf demuxer (-demuxer lavf, works with broken H264 streams that lack PMT/PAT).
The old work-around, to use -demuxer lavf -nocorrect-pts does not work anymore, the two working options now are: -demuxer lavf -correct-pts and -demuxer mpegts -nocorrect-pts (note that correct-pts is default for demuxer lavf and nocorrect-pts default for the native demuxer, so there should be no need to explicitly mention correct-pts on the command line).

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