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Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
The - often reported - "slow motion" effect on PAFF H264 videos was finally truly fixed in MPlayer svn: It should work fine now with both the native ts demuxer (default, more reliable seeking) and the lavf demuxer (-demuxer lavf, works with broken H264 streams that lack PMT/PAT).
The old work-around, to use -demuxer lavf -nocorrect-pts does not work anymore, the two working options now are: -demuxer lavf -correct-pts and -demuxer mpegts -nocorrect-pts (note that correct-pts is default for demuxer lavf and nocorrect-pts default for the native demuxer, so there should be no need to explicitly mention correct-pts on the command line).

Carl Eugen
Thanks for this update. I'm amazed it took so long to be properly fixed but the important thing is that it finally is. Now hopefully package maintainers will update as that's a significant change which affects a LOT of users.
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