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Default Re: HOW TO: Adjust Touchscreen Sensitivity

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
While scrolling through contacts, the screen seems quite sensitive. Is there a setting to 'numb' this down a bit. Keep calling people we don't mean to just because we're trying to scroll through them.... spend an inordinate amount of time being directed to web pages I do not wish to browse and hitting the touch controls by accident at inopportune moments.

More likely question is why would you not want the option? Being able to distinguish between a purposeful touch and inadvertent one is important for efficient use.
You aren't talking about sensitivity, or anything to do with the touch screen for that matter. What you're talking about is how the software is interpreting your finger gestures.

From the sound of things, you are being too light on the screen with your fingers. For example when you're scrolling, try holding your finger a tad more firmly on the screen when you move it across. Holding your finger too lightly will lead to you to occasionally not maintain contact long enough on the screen for it to interpret the movement as a scroll gesture.

I'm guessing you used to use a phone with a resistive touch screen. They are noticeably different from capacitive touch screens in how your fingers physically react to the surface (resistive needs pressure, capacitive only needs touch alone) so it may take a little time to get used to it. Capacitive touch screens are vastly superior for too many reasons to list, so it's worth getting used to.

Also if you have a screen protector, tear that sucker off, as it will make the problems you're describing worse, and it ultimately serves no useful purpose. Unlike resistive touch screens which are made out of plastic, capacitive screens are made out of glass, virtually nothing you carry in your pocket will scratch it, as glass is harder than most metals (diamond or tungsten are the only real concerns, and screen protectors don't save you from those either.)
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