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Default Re: Header files in 260.x releases

Originally Posted by VLJ View Post
OpenCL and OpenGL headers should be hardware dependant.
Right. That is why they should be provided with library. If library is hardware accelerated its place is inside driver package because it must stick closely to driver.

Originally Posted by VLJ View Post
This is a good thing that they are removed from nvidia driver. The fact that they are not easily retrievable is not a driver issue : it is up to distro packager to provides such standard headers.
About which standard you talk about? Nvidia gl.h implementation, gl.h implementation which is not downloadable now or mesa gl.h which is different from Nvidia gl.h? Some applications like xorg server only compiles with mesa gl.h but not nvidia gl.h so as you see there are at least 2 or even 3 gl.h standards. Having gl.h with Nvidia driver package we could be sure it uses all capabilities of Nvidia's hw accelerated openGL library. When this is dropped we do not know if OpenGL or Mesa header better matches Nvidia's OpenGL library.

Originally Posted by VLJ View Post
You wouldn't like that each -devel ships with its own c++ standard library header files, that's the same for opengl/cl headers.
You have different C compilers (gcc or Intel icc) they may use different headers. It is all about implementation.

Let's sum this up:
1. There is no gl*.h files in driver anymore
2. There is no gl.h and glx.h files on
3. Only Mesa headers are present and ready to use.
So the choice is clear.
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