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Default Re: GIMP slowdown with 195.x.x and 256.x.x drivers

Originally Posted by mick232 View Post
It's not the driver, it's the software.
That was my first thought. However, GIMP team denies to do anything as they have no access to driver's code and cannot perform necessary tests.

Originally Posted by mick232 View Post
GIMP despitefully allocates pixmaps larger than 16x16 which unfortunately is too much for a 2010 Nvidia card to handle, and therefore a slow software fallback has to be activated.
On my view - this does not explain why I have no problem with 173 (and earlier) driver. More, knowing that I can use 173 driver with excellent performance, but cannot use 195+ drivers due to performance regression, I can definitely say that driver is, at least, a part of the problem - while card itself doesn't relate to problem.

Originally Posted by mick232 View Post
Just buy the next-gen card which is soon to be released and you'll be fine. At least, once the driver for that new card has stabilized...
Completely unacceptable. Latest card I can purchase is 7950 - all newer cards have PCIe interface which I don't have. I don't want to by new PC just to correct video driver's issues. Purchasing ATI/AMD card looks more reasonable in case of ignoring this problem.
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