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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
It should and it may not. Still try it if you wish. It won't hurt.

I love that tool. I use it on my 470s.

BTW, I was not suggesting you ditch your 5770 for a 460. I was stating what I would have done if I were on a much older card and wanted a bang for the buck upgrade. If I did have an old card and were buying today to replace it, I'd be looking at; the GTX 470, HD 5850 or GTX 460 1Gb. I'd manually overclock them to the max, then back off about 10MHz. Currently that price range is 220usd to 280usd. The 470 and 5850 are remarkably close, separated by about 20usd. 260 vs 280.
Thanks Blacklash! I may give that a go just for the heck of it. However, so far this 5770 has been everything I need.

And I hear ya'- that GTX460 was *really* tempting. But right now I need to save as much money as possible... even if it means sacrificing a little image quality.
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