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Default vty not restoring after is loaded

Hi *,

I've had the following problem for sometime now, after loading up fluxbox using the usual startx command, I can't CTRL+ALT+Fn back to another vty. If I attempt to switch to another virtual terminal or logout X the monitor goes into suspend.

The system is still responsive, I can restart remotely or use the CTRL+ALT+DELETE key combo.

Attached are two runs of one after I logout of X and one while there is an X session running.

I'm running two near identical systems uname -a:
FreeBSD direwolf 9.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #1 r212530M: Mon Sep 13 12:08:21 WST 2010     agh@direwolf:/usr/obj/depot/fbsd-head/sys/DIREWOLF  amd64
The only difference being the GPUs, one system has a GeForce 8600 GT the other has a GeForce GTX 460

Both systems exhibit the same problem.
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File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report.log-pre-x11-logout.gz (22.0 KB, 218 views)
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