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Default Re: Severe slowness after switching to 256.44

I have also been experiencing slowdown in general X performance for all the drivers after 195.36.*

This slowdown has nothing to do with composite (composite simply hastens up the process). It also has nothing to do with kde or oxygen.

My setup is enlightenment-DR17 with no composite. 256.x becomes progressively slower if I remain logged on for two days or more. With 195.36.24, I have been logged in for 5 days continuously with zero slowdown.

The following video I made a few weeks ago using 256.53 shows the slowdown: urxvt takes some time to redraw:
Although it is not in the video, switching windows using alt-tab and switching desktops are also not smooth.

Just for the record: Xorg version 1.7.7

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