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Manuel Schiller
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Default Can anyone help me with my text mode?


I have recently bought an nvidia graphics card
(GeForce4 MX440), and have noticed that my old
svgatextmode program doesnīt work anymore.
This is really a pity because the card could
probably handle really nice text modes...
As far as I understand it, the only thing that
would be required to make it work again would be
a little program to set the dot clock (or pixel
clock, as some call it). The rest of the hardware
seems to be enough vga-like to make svgatextmode
happy. (I donīt expect it to be as good as my old
Tseng ET4000/W32 used to be - emphasis on graphics
card design has shifted towards graphics, and text
modes become less and less important... Still, I
suppose quite a few people would like to see an
improvement here.)

Iīd really be grateful if someone could help out
with this one, because I program a lot, and a nice
text mode does help a lot in doing so (scrolling
is *fast*, one can set a nice font, oneīs routines
fit on one screen, etc.)

Greetings, Manuel
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