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Unhappy Dell Latitude screen blanks, does not wake up

I have a Dell Latitude e6410 with GT218 [NVS 3100M] and 1440x900 screen. It's running BIOS A05, Fedora 13 kernel-, and nvidia driver 256.53.

When the screen backlight turns off after an idle period, I'm not able to wake it up. Moving the mouse turns the backlight back on, but the screen remains dark. Flipping to a different virtual console works (i.e., I can use the VC in text mode), but flipping back generally has no effect. When I downgrade to BIOS A03, I have the same issue, but intermittently, flipping to a VC and back brings the image back, but sometimes frozen and sometimes without a cursor (although the mouse does work).

Is anyone else seeing this?

The nouveau drivers seem to have no problem, although they don't yet reliably support 3D on this card. The nvidia drivers worked before, but several things (BIOS, kernel, driver) changed in a short period of time and I'm not sure which one caused the problem. Downgrading the kernel had no effect. I had an older nvidia driver with an even older kernel, but X wouldn't start at all with that combo.

TIA for any assistance.
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