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Default Re: Droid 1 horribly slow and lagging with froyo

Might have to try the factory reset. Mostly when I open/close the keyboard the icons vanish and don't come back until I press the screen, and still it takes a few seconds before they return.

@ destroy, I love my droid and like the brag to friends about all the sh*t it can do. I am very impressed and even amazed at the capabilites and apps available. I use the flashlight a great deal, and have been greatful to have it a number of times, like being out in the woods after dark. The compass, maps, and weather radar has saved my ass once already when on a long hike when a storm popped up. Helped us decide which trails to take, and help correct out direction after taking a wrong turn while rushing to beat the storm. I also requently use it for recording any inspired ideas or thoughts I have, and with my mp3 collection on it and earbuds in the car I always have music available. I've used google star map a number of times, and the stopwatch has also been handy. All in all its like a bag full of gadgets.
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