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Default Re: Problems getting GeForce 8700GT to work under linux

Nappers, I guess you're not the only one... I NEVER noticed that this machine had a 64bit cpu.... I ve been using it for 2 years and did not know...

I would be willing to migrate to 64bit but I fear massive problems... seems a lot of work for just a driver...

that must be the kernel.... I had slackware 12,2 with its stock kernel (I dont remember which version) just last year and it worked perfectly.... whats going on with the new kernels? IRQ conflicts are not probable (IMO) and BIOS settings are simply non-existent... They cat be wrong.

with slack 13.1, it happens with all drivers so far. I tried 190.53. 256.??, 260.?? and some of them in between.. lots of fun (when I get a black screen or have X crash...)

I wonder if Nvidia will look at this thread because I think we need their input as well.. it seems pretty serious to me..
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