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Default Re: Problems getting GeForce 8700GT to work under linux

Did you read the known issues page that was linked, specifically, the section on vmalloc? It's a known problem that nvidia can't work around. Since 32-bit CPUs only have 4GiB of address space, the kernel has to make a decision on how to divide it. It does a 3GiB/1GiB split by default, with 3GiB for userspace, and 1GiB for the kernel. Within the 1 GiB kernel space, it allocates a section for direct mapping system memory and devices. By default, this is 128MiB. Did you upgrade your memory at any more or add any devices to the laptop? This could have pushed it over exhaustion. There are two solutions for fixing this: 1. upgrade to 64-bit, or 2. increase the amount reserved by the kernel by passing ex. vmalloc=192MB to the kernel in grub. The linked article explains how to do this.
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