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Default Re: Two GTX 480s vs Three 5870s

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
What brand of gtx 480's and 5870's do you have? I have a similar setup to you. I had to underclock the ram to get 24gb. The reason I ask is for warranty. If your 5870's are xfx and your gtx 480's are evga, then you are definitely in a position to sell being double lifetime warranty on the 5870's and lifetime on the 480's. Anyhow, I had a dual 5970 setup and AMD has improved on the driver dept but they still have a ways to go. I have had my tri-sli setup for about a month now and it's worth the money.
The 5870s are Diamond which are reference designed boards. The GTX 480s are MSI, also reference.
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