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Default Re: Problems getting GeForce 8700GT to work under linux

The solutions referred to by conky appear to be your best option and I'm going to try installing a 64-bit kernel in the near future, however I'd like to point out that I've been running various 32-bit kernels and nVidia driver versions without fiddling with the vmalloc kernel parameter and I've not had this problem. I do have High Memory Support set to 64GB and PAE enabled in my kernels though (if that makes any difference) so that I can use all 4GB of my RAM.

I mentioned IRQs before because when I was using the nVidia installer instead of the Debian packages, I had to use some of the pci=noacpi, pci=biosirq, noapic and acpi=off options to get the cards to work. I don't remember which of these I used, but I do recall that it seemed to change with driver versions...
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