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Default Re: Dell Latitude screen blanks, does not wake up

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
Nope. Unless you got the bog standard 1 year support, your system should still be covered and they should be able to diagnose and figure out what to do. If there is an issue with your screen, they can get you a new one.

If it is a software/driver issue, that also can be diagnosed.

Are you using the recommended driver from ? If not, give that a shot and see if it resolves your issues. Like I said, I am running the same notebook, slightly different card, but I keep my system updated at that site.
It's a brand new machine as of June, so it's still under warranty, but (a) I don't think it's a hardware issue, as it worked fine before and it works fine with the nouveau driver, and (b) I can't find any Linux support for Latitude on the Dell site. That jives with my previous experience getting support on older Latitudes: when I call and tell them I'm running Linux, they tell me they won't support the machine because I've changed the configuration from the way it was shipped (Win7 64-bit in this case).

So do you have a Linux driver from Dell support? (Mine's from, BTW.)
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