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Default Bad image X3 - Reunion for Linux and 256.xx drivers

After a recent update from the 195.36.24 driver to the 256.53 version I noticed the graphics in the game where very odd. It looks like all textures where lost. For example - with the 195.xx drivers a station is detailed and you can see wiring, tubes, lights etc. However - using the 256.xx drivers all you can see is a woolly "outline" with vague gray swirls inside it (I try to post some pictures later). The spaceship (visible hull) itself is totally black without any texture or detail - just a pitch-black blob.

I tried some older drivers, and I noticed everything went fine until the jump to the 256.xx drivers. Every driver in the 256.xx series gives this bad image.

I am not sure whom to blame here. However - when the game runs without any problem on the 195.xx drivers, and give problems with the 256.xx drivers, it is probably an driver issue.

Until now I can use the older 195.xx drivers, but when older drivers are no longer available in the repositories it will give problems. As a example - Using Fedora 13 and installing a downloaded driver by "hand" gives big, big troubles. Compiling goes wrong, and even if compiling works you can still end up with a totally frozen system after reboot. The only descriptions I can get is for the repository-install.. very frustrating..

Does someone else has this game (X3 - Reunion) and maybe the same problems? And better - has anybody a possible solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance..
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