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Originally posted by bkswaney
Yes but AM3 is based off a real game. 3DM03 is not.
Or have I been lead a stray and AM3 is a sen?
Is it not based from the Krass engine?
Ok So you want benchmarks based off real engines. Riddle me this:

1) Kyro2 gets is butt handed to it in 3Dmark2001 by the GF2 Mx.
2) In Max Pane, the kyro2 usally had more than x2 FPS than the same GF2 mx
3) 3Dmark2001 and MaxPane used the SAME ENGINE!


Besides look at UT2003 FPS scores and Splinter Cell FPS scores. Both based off the same Unreal Engine so both should have the same score right? Nope not even close. So if two games based off the same engine have different results then does the engine really matter? Nope.

I agree with you. Games matter. However dont ever underestimate the power of 3dmarks. Large OEMs and other big players base a lot of money on how cards score in benchmarks including 3dmark. I dont agree with them but thats what they do. If 3dmark was such a non-issue then why does on IHV keep on optimizing it using 3 different methods?
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