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Default Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC

First post here.

Upgraded from a 8800GTX (died recently) to an EVGA GTX 465 about a week ago and I have been unimpressed with the performance difference. I even have it O/C'd to about 720(core)/900(mem) and games don't feel significantly faster than before. Thought it may be driver issues so I used driver sweeper with the new 260's beta drivers to no avail. My system is relatively old and may be causing this discrepancy, possibly from a cpu bottle neck. E6600 Core 2 duo @ 3.4ghz with 2GB ram. I've been playing mostly SC2 and BF2.

Is going from an 8800gtx to the GTX 465 a moderate difference in performance and my experiences should be expected or is something wrong with my system, ie driver issue or need for a new system?

I do run windows 7 64 if that helps anyone.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks,
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