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Default What's the best program for GPU monitoring/altering fan profiles?

Hi, I have two GTX 470s running in SLI mode on my PC. The top one gets pretty hot when playing Civilization V (around 75 C!) while the bottom one remains at 63 or so (don't really remember the exact temp, but it was significantly lower than the top card).

Anyways, this of course is without OCing, but with a modified fan profile (basically I just have it go up alot faster than the default one, so that by 80 C the fan is at 90% and by 90C it's at 100%.). I've been using MSI afterburner to do this, but I keep on reading about some sort of bug with MSI afterburner and the GTX 470s on here. Thing is, Tom's Hardware is the only place I keep hearing about this bug, so I dunno.

Anyways, should I just keep using MSI Afterburner or is there something better out there?
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