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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 460/465/470/480" thread


Went from 9800gtx+ to gtx460 768 standard clock. I run a constant overclock @830
core, 1660 shader and 1950 mem with fan @53. Still quiet enough and temps never get over 65, usually in the low 60s.
Running q9950 with 4 gigs 1066 w/ win 7 64.

A few differences in gta 4, but nothing too major. 50/50/40 high everything 4xaf.
Call of pripyat can be played at around 35-45fps dx 11 max 1680@1050.
The parts of fallout 3 that would choke on max are no more. This really pleased me.
Crysis and Warhead playable on max dx10 w/v sync @ 30fps. Wasn't expecting 60fps.
Dirt 2, pretty much the same performance as 9800gtx+, just with dx11 and max details. 50-60fps
Mafia 2. Super increase. Playable at 60 most everywhere.
Boarderlands. Mostly 60 constant on max vysnc, but the same area that caused my 9800gtx to drop is causing the exact same drop, down to 40fps. Kind of hoped that this wouldn't happen with my new card......
Cryostasis. Can use dx10 now, still with 35-45 vsync.
Conviction. Simliar, but in the 40s/50s mostly, lowest only in the 30s.
LF4D1/2. No slowdowns under 60, not matter whats going on. Exactly what i wanted.
Just cause 2 demo. 20s with 9800GTX. 40-55 with some 30s on max.
Lost planet dx10 demo. Lowest in 30s, mostly in the 45-60 range on v sync.
Metro 2033 dx11 all high. Mostly at 30fps constant with v sync. Sometimes gets into the 40s/50s in easy to render areas. Very high looks pretty, but high is pretty enough.
Trackmania nations united, 60fps on max w vsync everywhere. Huge win for me. Really what i was looking for with this card and i got it.

To be honest i had some visions of 60fps on everything but metro 2033 and crysis but.... thats what a future upgrade to sli is for.

Overall, i'd have to say that for $170 shipped from amazon that this card is great. Its not the super killer app but it plays the newest and the most demanding older games and sli is an attractive step up looming in the future.
Inter Q9950@stock. Scythe CPU cooler.4gigs Corsair ddr2 1066. Segate 1tb drive. Ati Theater Pro 650. Evga GTX460 768@845mhz. Win 7 64 Professional.
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