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Default Re: Michael Jackson MMO, Planet Michael, announced

I thought this story would be popular on nV News.

The game IS being developed with Engine 2 after all...

In one of the most unexpected game announcements in recent memory, word has gotten out of a planned MMO game based on the late singer Michael Jackson. The game, titled Planet Michael, is scheduled for release in late 2011 and according to the game's press release will offer "an innovative, first-of-its-kind interactive gaming and social experience that truly celebrates Michael Jackson's extraordinary life as an artist and humanitarian."

The game itself will be a planet that's part of the Entropia Universe MMO that's developed by Mindark and uses Crytek's CryEngine 2 graphics engine. Gameplay details are still vague but the press release claims players of Planet Michael "will feel at home as they find themselves in places that seem familiar and yet unknown at the same time, and new generations will discover and experience Michael's life in a way never before imagined."
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