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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 460/465/470/480" thread

OK, glad to post impressions. I bought a GTX 465 to test for use in a scene generation system. Why not? The GTX280 absolutely blew our socks off. But whoa! In OUR s/w, the 465 could not even perform as well as the GTX 9800 in my machine. Never mind the GTX 280.

Look, I know I am in a minority sector of the market. Scientific research. Scene generation. But if you are going to hobble the PCI-E interface (or at least not optimize it) say so in the literature!! Don't make me test endlessly for days trying to track this down! Yes, I found out from someone in the know how the PCI-E interface is not a point of focus. When I turned off the feature that pulls data off the card for further processing (and hand off to other algorithms), it absolutely blew the socks off the GTX 280. But what good is that to me? I need the data off of the card, not just for display!!!

I hope the engineers at nVidia are paying attention to this. And will fix this soon. Yes, Linux, forgot to mention that.

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