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Post WebGL Brings GPU Accelerated 3D to a Browser Near You - Presented by Mozilla

Imagine interacting with silky-smooth 3D applications all within your Web browser. Vladimir Vukicevic, principal engineer at Mozilla is working to make that a reality with the WebGL API. He's been involved with WebGL since its creation and during the GTC session titled, 'WebGL: Bringing 3D to the Web', he spoke about the emerging standard and what's necessary to make it a viable platform in the next generation of Web applications.

Originally called Canvas 3D, WebGL essentially allows 3D graphics to be implemented into a Web Browser without the use of plug-ins by rendering content in a HTML5 Canvas. Sounds great, right? Vladimir revealed that future versions of Firefox, Chrome and potentially Safari will include and support WebGL. With HTML5 already taking advantage of the GPU, and more browsers becoming GPU-accelerated, the challenge of delivering compelling 3D content on the Web should quickly become a reality.

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