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I agree with what you said legion88, although I can't shake this feeling that what everyone was worried about is going to happen the more I read about the latest DX9 games being *delayed... I mean coming out.

Videocard Industry/Game Dev becoming more like console market:

At first, I was a little reserved as to that being a good idea. Now I kinda am happy about it. I think it might make features that are not normally used like Tru-Form (like sxotty said in another post) start to be implemented. More like the more features a card has and are used while providing terrific performance will be the victor. Why is that such a bad thing?

Reminds me of the console market of the past. One game I can recall I had on both the PS1 and Sega Saturn was Resident Evil. (this is my example so bare with me ) While the Saturn was *supposedly inferior to the PS1, I still think that a few game(s) (Resident Evil in particular) was better looking and played better on the Saturn.

Director's cut on the PS1 version ment jack because I still think it looked better on the Saturn.

When they began weighing in the XBox against the competition, first thing they pointed out was game play on each system with the same title. I think there is enough room for Dev's to showcase for either IHV, how they go about it is what I am curious.

I would however enjoy seeing alot of the features with ATi that are not implemented in game(s) to be showcased soon. In my eyes, all this would do is benefit ATi because their tech is superior at the moment which would only force Nvidia to get on the ball.

My $.02...


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