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Default Re: Laptop hangs at welcome screen ~7 minutes

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
My laptop recently started being very sluggish at boot. It takes forever to get into windows and have everything working. I don't use it very often so it has minimal software installed and shouldn't have any malware as I keep MSE running. Anyone else have this problem? I've created another user as I read they can become corrupted but booting into that user doesn't fix the problem. Thanks
What version of windows are you running?
You say that this just started recently, meaning there was likely a single event that lead to this outcome. Try and retrace your steps, removing recent software, playing with settings, etc and of course drivers are a likely culprit, too.
This is all assuming you're not infected.

Otherwise, a rebuild might be in order. It's no nightmare I can rebuild a laptop start to finish in 30min sometimes.
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