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Default 256.53 not working on MB Pro with GT 330M/Ubuntu 10.04

Hi to everybody.

After experimenting very low 3D performance in X-Plane (visibly around 10-15 fps - regardless X-Plane shouldn't go below) and about 26-30 fps in Mac OS X, same conditions, same panorama and same plane I decided to move from the pre-installed restricted rev. 195 (current) to 256.53 through the .run downloadable file in the nVidia site (by the way, such a performance loss in the 195 rev is documented somewhere).
I've followed all instructions as per this link:

I killed X, stopped gdm and disabled Nouveau as requested.
Installation went flawlessy and rebooted: no 2D or 3D acceleration.
nVidia Settings is fine like if the drivers are working. I found that the xorg.conf file was empty and run "nvidia-xorg.conf" in a shell and it finally created the requested files and parameters. I believe this should have been done by the installer as the last request is for the creation of a file for X but I'm not sure.
Reboted again: no 2D or 3D as before.

Don't know what to do. rev 173 is good for me if I just can know how to priorly remove 256.53.

I'm attaching the request log files. I apologise if the nvidia-bug-report.log s compress but it exceeds the forum's upload limits (if not compressed).

TIA for any suggestion
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