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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Sounds and looks good,it behaves weird though and pauses/stops here and there wich is horrible when you are right behind someone.Started a career with lotus on hard difficulty,i don't have a wheel atm so i use a xbox pc pad.Qualified at 18th (goal was 20th) and got a good start and had a good race,gained some positions from passes and others pitting,beat my team-mate's (trulli) laptime with 2 sec and then pitted for the harder tires.Cought chandok and tried passing him when the game froze for a brief moment and when it unfroze i ran into him,broke my front wing and also got a drive-through penalty

Up to that point i had a lot of fun but if these small hiccups keeps happening i don't think ill play it much,it's such a pain in the ass having to start the race again because the game bugs out.Running it with 4xmsaa 1650x1080 with all ingame settings at full,runs great apart from the sudden hitching.
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