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Ok, Alot of the Dreamcast games looked better than the PS2. Soul Caliber is one I can think of off the top of my head. Won't deny that Sony made it easier for Dev's to code, that is for certain. Hoever they have not always had the best presentation of a game title by allowing it either. Double edge sword I suppose...
Of course, Dreamcast had some serious untapped force. I would estimate that no game for DC consumed more then 75-80 percent of the total Dreamcast power. Given an extra year of Sega developed games, I'm sure we would have gotten close to the 100 percent mark.

Heh Played Grandia 2 on the Dreamcast then played it on the PS2? It looks awful. The Dreamcast would at least anti alias the game...
Contrary to popular belief, Dreamcast used no anti-aliasing.

The reason why no one really heard of jaggies (in the console market), or noticed them before Playstation 2 hit, was not because of anti-aliasng on Dreamcast, but the Dreamcast's flicker filter.

You should know about flicker filter, if you use TV out on video cards. The default Dreamcast flicker filter was equal to a 2 on GeForce hardware (when using the control panel), on ATI hardware... Meh, one or two notches below full.

Playstation 2 used no flicker filter (not in the first 6 months or so), which is why all the edges were so hard on all the games, while on Dreamcast the edges were quite soft. In fact, you can still find PS2 games that still use the default setting on 0 (zero) on flicker filter. Dreamcast, from the beginning, used the equivalent of 2 (and no game uses a different setting, that I know of --- simply because the default setting was effective [if not a little blurry])
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