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Default Re: Bad image X3 - Reunion for Linux and 256.xx drivers

I have made some screenshots of the problems. Notice I have tried both 195.x and 256.x drivers on several distro's (openSUSE 11.3, Fedora 13, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva 2010.1 etc.) and the results are the same on every distro. The 195.x drivers give a perfect image, and the 256.x drivers give a terrible image.

Has anyone any idea what is going wrong here? This is really important, because installing the older drivers by hand give problems on some distro's, and that problems can increase if more and more disto's have no native packages because the drivers are too old...

Anyway here are the screenshots:

195.x driver opening screen:

256.x driver opening screen:

195.x playing screen:

256.x playing screen:

I really hope somebody can tell me what is wrong here!
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