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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Whats supposed to be impressive here? I don't see any physics. I see a graphics effect, that doesn't effect the environment any different than the other version. This on a game that was created to show off PhysX... all aboard the fail boat!
The only "fail boat" is your post NP.

1. You can't see the water with the PhysX off. When you can't see the water from a water gun, this is usually considered "bad". It's equivalent to not seeing the laser from a laser gun, a pretty big deal.

2. The physics are how the water reacts to gravity and solid bodies it encounters to provide a more realistic gaming environment NP.

While ATi owners might think it's acceptable to not see the water from a water gun, or have it just disappear on contact, those of us using NVIDIA cards with PhysX like having more immersive, realistic environments.
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