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Originally Posted by Viral View Post
I already said it in this very thread - physics that effects gameplay. Like having a building collapse creating a pile of rubble with parts of the structure still standing. Not just some extra particles that do nothing but look pretty.

ATi won't need to offer anywhere near the support NV are offering for Physx. NV offer the support to prop up their closed standard, with an open standard, everyone adds to its success - there's no need for anyone to play big brother and tell everyone how to use it.
PhysX does affect gameplay. (e.g. sharp ice damages player in Cryostasis game shown in this thread)

Beyond that, making games "look pretty" is a big part of why we spend more money to be computer gamers. If we want static environments, scripted physics, and less realistic graphics why not just buy a $300 console and call it a day?

Don't be so sure devs will adopt a standard just because it exists. It's extra work and expense for them, and requires extra knowledge.
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