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Default Re: Interesting PhysX Blog

I'll be first to admit, that I have liked the PhysiX effects in the games that I have seen, Batman it a good one for eg. The problem is that this isnt Nvidia tech, like Nvidias 3D vision, Nvidia just brought out the companies that created these techs, and intergrated into their own company. This forces the user to buy their products to use these techs, where before it was open to both ATi and Nvidia uses (bar the 3d tech, this was always nvidia cards only). When I had my GF8800 and tried playing the UT3 PhysiX maps, I couldnt, not at 10-20fps, remember that the PhysiX chip is seperate from the graphics chip! I would really love to know WTH my 4 cpus are doing these days, I mean, in games that use OpenAL, I have my soundcard, GFX card for all that is graphics, 1 cpu should be enough for all A.I, so why cant good realtime physics be run on todays cpus??
I am no fan of either company, this is my first ATi card since 1998, and am very very happy with its price/performance and quality, which is most important to me with anything, even women jk PhysiX is a tech which could add alot to games, but all the best PhyiX Ive seen have been only in demos!!
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