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Apparently, they used to be. My 280 GTX (and 9800) are very fast on the transfer. Something has changed. It was either a marketing decision (why provide fast transfer rates on a gamer card?) or a driver decision (we'll get to it later).

I would lover to buy a higher end card... but those things are expensive (so is time... I know.) I'm gonna start studying the quadro cars. I guess I would just be happier if SOMEONE at Nvidia would address this. Because in the specs, it claims full PCIe support. Do you all get what I am saying? It used to work in the 9xxx and 2xx series cards. What did they do to it when they went to 4xx?

Meantime, I bought a used 285 GTX. No more dumping money with Nvidia till this gets explained.

BTW, there are a couple of reasons for Nvidia to pay attention here. One, is lots of @xxxhome projects (folding, seti, etc) use these cards in computer farms! In these cases, data on and off needs to be fast. Seems the @xxxhome folks could see their volunteers dropping off or at the very least, their performance drop off (as cards die, etc). Another reason for concern is the advent of the GPU/CPU hybrids coming out of Intel/AMD. Those will not be hampered by PCIe transfer rates.

Sorry, it just makes no sense to me. FIX THIS NVIDIA, PLEASE!
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