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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
PhysX does affect gameplay. (e.g. sharp ice damages player in Cryostasis game shown in this thread)
The ice could still be scripted. The ice damaging a player has nothing to do with physics.

Beyond that, making games "look pretty" is a big part of why we spend more money to be computer gamers. If we want static environments, scripted physics, and less realistic graphics why not just buy a $300 console and call it a day?
Sure, PC gaming definitely has extras that set it apart from consoles, and we are willing to pay for them. But given the current hardware, the tools already exist to implement physics. But if we continue to use proprietary software, which for some reason you so (ignorantly) think is a great idea, then it will continue to stay limited to a niche market.

Don't be so sure devs will adopt a standard just because it exists. It's extra work and expense for them, and requires extra knowledge.
Yea, because they've never adopted other standards before, and there's definitely nothing you need to learn to implement PhysX.

This is a ridiculous argument.
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