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Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
The ice could still be scripted. The ice damaging a player has nothing to do with physics.
Exactly. Show me a building collapsing on enemies and killing them. Show me being able to collapse a snipers tower with a rocket launcher. The only games that offer anything close to this use their own physics systems (crysis comes to mind) because these things that effect gameplay need to be able to be done by everyone who plays the game, not just people who own a certain brand of hardware.

Sure, PC gaming definitely has extras that set it apart from consoles, and we are willing to pay for them. But given the current hardware, the tools already exist to implement physics. But if we continue to use proprietary software, which for some reason you so (ignorantly) think is a great idea, then it will continue to stay limited to a niche market.
That's exactly it, a niche market. You can't create physics that are game changing when your market for those who can use the effects is only a niche.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Batman Arkham Asylum look great on the scarecrow level with Physx on, however with a single GPU solution the performance drop just isnt worth it...from an average of 61fps to a dip of 9fps on the scarecrow level with physx on.

Is having to buy a second GPU really worth it to see a couple of extra effects run at higher fps ? I dont think so...
That's the thing, it's all just visual stuff and STILL it's far too demanding. You can't say buying a Nvidia card is better than buying an ATI card because of physx because in reality you need a dedicated nvidia card for physics - and now with hacks you can have your ATI card and still add a NV one for physics. I'd be doing that myself IF the physx effects were something like realistic destructable environments inf Action/FPS and more realistic car handling/crashes/damage in racing games for instance.

This is what I got excited about with physics back in 2003 with the HL2 teaser vids. Unfortunately, gameplay related physics has gone nowhere since then.
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